Breaking down the ballot, the big races & issues in Louisiana

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NEW ORLEANS — Voters will be hitting the polls this Saturday, but Louisiana’s Chief Elections Officer is predicting that only 15 percent of the state’s nearly 3 million voters will participate in the election.

Data from Secretary of State Tom Schedler’s office shows 9,200 people cast ballots during early voting, about 3% of eligible voters.

Candidates have had trouble drawing interest from voters. This year we’re not seeing the high-profile competition Louisiana saw the last three years for U.S. Senate and governor. For specifics on your individual ballot, go to this website.

Despite that prediction, New Orleans has some high-profile races, including the mayoral race. The entire City Council is on the ballot, as are several judge’s seats and the race for coroner. There’s also property tax renewals up for vote, benefiting the school system.

Saint Tammany Parish has a State Representative race, as well as property tax renewals related to the fire department.

Statewide, there`s the state treasurer race. Six candidates are hoping to replace Republican John Kennedy who left the position after winning a U.S. Senate seat.

Three constitutional amendments are also on the ballot, a tax break for all property delivered to construction sites. There’s also a tax exemption for the surviving spouses of fallen first responders. Then there’s the creation of a protected fund, that would take money from any new tax on gas or motor fuel.

Election day is Saturday, October 14th. Polls open at 7 AM and close at 8 PM. If there is a runoff, it will be held November 18th.