Nate devastates popular fishing spot in Southern Mobile County

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MOBILE COUNTY, AL -Folks in Southern Mobile County woke up to a mess Sunday morning. From power outages to a popular fishing spot — Nate did a number down there.

Trying to beat sun down, Alabama Power crews worked by land and water to restore power. Crews in an aluminum boat to trying to upright a utility pole in the water that was compromised by the storm.

Nate’s winds devastated the Cedar Point Pier, just north of the Dauphin Island Bridge.

“Kind of hard to believe the pier is gone. I can’t believe how harder than the storm was, but the water was four to five foot deep, but I guess the waves is what took the pier out. I would never have believed the whole pier would be gone like this,” said Donnie Bell.

Tons of sight-seers stopping to take pictures of the pylons left behind here and there where the pier once stood.

“We were out here fishing the night before… they were catching reds. They had tons of reds out here. Just two nights ago. I’m so sad. We heard that it was gone… so I had to drive out here and see it for myself,” said one woman.

Just down the road in Bayou La Batre, Hurricane Nate did more than just wash away a few piers — the storm surge compromising the roadway on Coden Belt Road leading up to a bridge on both the north and south end, forcing road closures.

Chip Baker and family among those who stayed and rode out the storm.

“We experienced a ton of wind and rain,” said Baker.

As a Category 1 Hurricane, they were prepared for Nate to leave behind damage. Piers damaged along the water — including the one in front of Rolston Park.

“A lot of the piers are gone… like the one back there at the park is gone,” said Baker.

While the sunset views are one of the perks of living on the coast — it’s also the risk they take every storm season.

We’re told the owners of Cedar Point Pier will be back out there Monday to survey the damage and decide if they’ll rebuild.