Remember the TV classic ‘Dynasty’? It’s BACK on TV on NOLA 38 – The CW

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HOLLYWOOD -  It truly is TV's most vicious.

Most ambitious.

And most delicious show ever.

It's Dynasty.  And it's back on The CW.

You can watch it on NOLA 38 - The CW Wednesday night at 9 pm.

WGNO News with a Twist features reporter Wild Bill Wood is in Hollywood to chat with the stars of the new Dynasty.

You'll know the actor who stars as Blake Carrington.

You'll know him from the show Melrose Place.

The new Blake Carrington is actor Grant Show.

As Blake Carrington, Grant Show fills the big shoes of the big boss, billionaire businessman who's always ready for a fight.

Grant Show has quite a resume in show business.

He's been on Ryan's Hope, Big Love, Dirt, Six Feet Under and Point Pleasant.

In the new Dynasty, there's a new Cristal, Cristal Flores that is, this time around.

Cristal is played by Nathalie Kelley.

The Cristal is about to tie the knot with the new Blake Carrington.

Nathalie Kelley, who stars as Cristal Flores, was born in Peru.

You probably saw her as Grace in the television series UnReal. She was also Sybil in The Vampire Diaries.

Dynasty has room for these two stars and many, many more as you'll see when you watch every week.

Just like the old classic from the 80s, this version is all about money.  And it's about power.  And it's about double-dealing.

As Wild Bill chats with the stars, they all decide it's about the three F's.

That's family values, fighting and ferocity.

There may be one more "F".

And that's fashion.

And that's just like the first Dynasty.  It's always a fashion show on every show.


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