Love, war and helicopters! The CW’s new ‘Valor’ premieres Monday 9 pm on NOLA 38

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HOLLYWOODWGNO News with a Twist features guy Wild Bill Wood heads to Hollywood to interview the stars of the new TV show on The CW.  It's a thriller. It's a conspiracy show.

It's Valor.

You can watch the premiere of it on NOLA 38 - The CW at 9 pm Monday.

The new show is about an elite unit of US Army helicopter pilots.  They're called the Shadow Raiders.

In Valor, they fly to a secret mission in Somalia.  And something goes really wrong.

Wild Bill chats with the stars of the show.

Christina Ochoa stars as Nora Madani, she's a Warrant Officer.  And she's one of the first female helicopter  pilots in the US Army.

You know Christina from Robert Rodriguez's Matador and TNT's Animal Kingdom.

Matt Barr stars as Captain Leland Gallo in Valor.  Captain Gallo is the boss of Warrant Officer Madani.

And that creates a TV show of its own as Wild Bill discovers when he chats with them in Hollywood.

Matt Barr was born in Texas.  Since he's become an actor, you'll know him for his role as Johnse Hatfield in the mini-series Hatfields and McCoys.

And coming soon for Matt is a feature film role directed by actor William H. Macy.  That movie is The Layover.

Valor which premieres Monday night across America at 9pm ET, is all about tests.

It's the test of what goes on among army helicopter pilots who are testing their own human desires.

And it's a military conspiracy thriller.   All that.

You'll get a thrill when you watch Valor on The CW.


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