Jefferson Parish officials gave an update on Hurricane Nate

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GRETNA, La. — Jefferson Parish President Mike Yenni says Jefferson Parish is storm ready.

“We are storm ready, we are resilient, we are unified today.” Yenni said.

The city has cleaned over 9,100 catch basins since August 5 of this year and 31,000 of 80,000 in Jefferson Parish since January 1. There are 69 pump stations, and 180 of 181 pumps are working at 99.9% pumping capacity, Yenni said.

Citizens are encouraged to clean catch basins and debris and to reach out to the parish if they need help. This will be a significant wind event, so everything should be secured. Medical supplies should be properly stocked and make sure that pets are secured, Yenni said.

The Jefferson Parish Emergency Event Director, Joe Valiente said that the storm should still pass to the east of Jefferson Parish. Jefferson Parish has been working with Grand Isle and Lafitte, sending resources for the past few days. The National Weather Service has placed the greatest threat on storm surge, Valiente says.

Valiente says that he has been working with the Public Works Department for five days and the canals and catch basins are ready. The pumping stations are manned and the backup generators are ready to go, he said. “Jefferson Parish is storm ready.” Since hurricanes are unpredictable, it’s important to stay vigilant, Valiente said. He asked that if there are reports of serious rain or flooding, do not venture out at night.

Sherrif Joe Lopinto asked residents to stay indoors through the night and do not drive. It’s important to keep first responders safe to do checks tomorrow, Lopinto said.

The representative for the East Bank Flood Authority said the levees are in excellent shape and that all floodgates in East Jefferson Parish are closed. All of the 178 floodgates on the East Bank of New Orleans will be closed by this afternoon.

The representative for the West Bank Flood Authority said that the system is in excellent shape and all land-based floodgates will be closed by 3 pm.

Entergy had a representative speak, who said to stay away from down power lines. Entergy is prepared for the storms, and there are 1,800 restoration workers waiting, he said. Citizens should prep for up to seven days without power.

Watch the full update with Jefferson Parish Officials below:

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