Tyler Perry talks about how God helped him through hard beginnings. Interview part 2

NEW ORLEANS -- Tyler Perry is known for playing the character Madea, an elderly grandmother who has an old-school edge about her. Before Tyler becameĀ one of the most successful men in showbiz, he had to go through trial and error first.

I asked Tyler what kept him going after he put all his money into stage plays that failed. He was quick to respond with a different perspective on failing. "You said, how many failures. I can tell you none, and I can say that sitting on this side. Because everything that I thought that was a failure, was a lesson teaching me about the next step," Perry said.

""I think all of us have a God voice inside of us. I hope that most of us do. It's the little bit of consciousness that says you're going to be ok. Keep moving! What happens a lot of times is that voice gets drowned out by people and circumstances and situations, rather than you listen to that voice. I paid attention to it all the time. I knew for me it was the voice of God saying you're going to be OK! Keep moving!"

It was the one question I had on my mind for many years of watching Madea in action since the start of his stage plays before heĀ made films. As a filmmaker, I hope this has also inspired you to continue living your dreams and to never give up.


Jabari Thomas and Tyler Perry after their one on one interview.