Yenni says Jefferson Parish drainage pumps are at 99.9%

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JEFFERSON PARISH -- With Tropical Storm Nate looming, Jefferson Parish President Mike Yenni assured media on Thursday that the parish is ready.

"All of the parish's 69 pumps stations will be operational this weekend," said Yenni. "We have 181 pumps throughout all of Jefferson Parish, within all of those stations and 180 of them are working, so we're at about 99.9% capacity the way I look at it."

Yenni said that all of the parish's 287 drainage employees will be working around the clock this weekend to ensure everything runs smoothly with heavy rainfall expected.

Jefferson Parish has 80,000 catch basins.

"To date, we have cleaned 31,000 catch basins, which is more than we ever have in that time period," said Yenni.

“This a good time to remind residents to start reviewing their storm plans in the event this becomes a hurricane. You want to make sure catch basins around your property are cleaned and storm drains are free of debris,” President Yenni said.

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