The case of the stolen credit card shopping spree

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NEW ORLEANS -- New Orleans police are connecting three cases in which a man used a stolen credit card to make purchases in the city.  It's the topic of the latest Wheel of Justice report.

Police released surveillance footage from all three locations.  They identify two of the stores but not their locations.

In one of the pieces of surveillance footage, a man is seen buying what appears to be a power saw and some other items from a Lowe's store.  The credit card that the man is using is clearly visible.  The footage shows the man insert the card in the chip reader.  As he finishes the transaction, the man gives the store worker a high-five then leaves with the goods.

The second clip shows the same man at an Advance Auto Parts store.  He appears to buy oil, antifreeze, and some other items -- again, according to police -- with a stolen credit card.

Then the final piece of surveillance footage shows a purchase at an unidentified store.  Initially, two new faces are seen buying what appears to be another large saw or other kind of construction equipment.  As they walk toward the door, they're joined by the same man who is seen in the previous videos.

Police confirm that the man seen in all three videos is the same person.

If you can help lead police to any of the people involved in this investigation, call CrimeStoppers.  Remember you don't have to reveal your name or testify in court, and you could be eligible for a cash reward.

So far, more than 338 people have been booked after their cases rolled on the Wheel of Justice.