Creator of the new show, ‘The Mayor,’ talks about his new political comedy with heart

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NEW ORLEANS-- There's a lot of buzz surrounding a new show premiering on ABC.

It's called "The Mayor," and it's about a rapper who gets elected as mayor of his California town.  Craziness comes along with his unexpected new position.

News with a Twist Reporter Kenny Lopez caught up with the creator of the show while he was in New Orleans for Essence Fest.

"The Mayor" isn't show creator Jeremy Bronson's first TV project.  In fact, he's been a writer and producer for Late Night with Jimmy Fallon, MSNBC's Hardball with Chris Matthews, and The Mindy Project.

His new sitcom feels different for him even though he has experience in the political world.

"I was very interested in doing something about an outsider who had a great heart.  I always wanted to do a show about politics.  This show can speak to people who want to do something, but don't know how, especially in the political climate we are living in now," Bronson said.

Bronson said he had no trouble getting the show "green-lit" with its political theme.  In fact, all the networks were interested, but ultimately ABC landed it.

"We're happy to be at ABC.  They care about the show.  They challenge us to dig deeper and push forward.  We want to be a show that digs deep and comes up with interesting and super funny things," he said.

The show has a unique premise.  The main character is a rapper named Courtney Rose played by Brandon Michael Hall.  His character runs for mayor to boost his music career.  Surprisingly, he wins the election and now must lead his California town.

"The idea that his rap music would give him a knowledge and base for all the problems in his community.  He'd have the ability as mayor to solve these problems, and that's interesting to me," Bronson said.

The show isn't all politics, rap music will certainly play a role.

"Rap is socially conscious and would allow the character to be a novice, but he has probably thought about the problems in his community.  All of the music in the show will be organic to the stories we're telling.  It won't be a musical, though," he said.

"The Mayor" premieres tomorrow night at 8:30 pm, right here on WGNO-TV.  Tomorrow night on "News with a Twist" we will have interviews with the show's stars.

The show also stars Lea Michelle, Yvette Nicole Brown, Bernard David Jones, and Marcel Spears.   Tony-award winning actor, Daveed Diggs of "Hamilton," is an executive producer.

Many critics are already calling it one of the best new comedies.