Mark Cuban sells ‘News with a Twist’ TV microphone! ‘Shark Tank’ season premiere Sunday 8/7 central

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NEW ORLEANS -  He's the investor who knows how to sell.

He's Mark Cuban.

And he's ready for Sunday night's season premiere of Shark Tank.

WGNO News with a Twist features guy Wild Bill Wood ran into Mark Cuban on a red carpet and Wild Bill gives Mark Cuban a red carpet test.  Watch Mark sell Wild Bill's WGNO News with a Twist microphone.

As for Shark Tank, it's the show on WGNO and ABC that's won tons of Emmys.

And it's back for another great season.  This is season number nine for the show.

If you haven't seen it, at least not yet, it's all about the spirit of entrepreneurship all across America.

People who have created and invented have to present their creations and inventions to the sharks.

They are themselves a group of great creators and inventors. They are millionaire and billionaires.

Mark Cuban is one of the sharks.

He owns the 2011 World Champion Dallas Mavericks, an NBA basketball team.

Mark Cuban has been selling since he was twelve.  Back then, he went door to door selling.  What did he sell back then?

Mark Cuban sold garbage bags.

Now, he's selling a WGNO News with a Twist microphone.  It's the challenge Wild Bill Wood put him up to on the red carpet when Mark was in New Orleans playing in the NBA All Star Celebrity Game.

As you'll see, Mark Cuban is ready for a sale.

Any time. Anywhere.

Watch him on the season premiere of Shark Tank, Sunday October 1 at 8/7 central.

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