Pizza and the Playbook: Jamelle McMillan

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New Orleans -- This week on Pizza and the Playbook, Pelicans Assistant Coach Jamelle McMillan sits-down with Karen Loftus at Midway Pizza to talk about following his dad's footsteps as an NBA coach, what it was like playing college ball with James Harden at Arizona State, and how he spends his time off the basketball court.

KL: "As an assistant coach with the Pelicans, you wear a lot of hats. What's maybe your favorite part of your job?"

JM: "For me personally, I think it's playing with the players. When we can interact and just be the guys and stuff like that."

KL: "Can you still hang with some of them? Do you have your moments?"

JM: "Oh yeah. They'll tell you I'm all-time defense. They don't let me play offense."

KL: "At one point, general manager was your ultimate goal. Is that still where you have your sights set?"

JM: "In this business, you can never close a door. Right now I'm a coach. Right now I really enjoy coaching and that's where I'm trying to go and get to the next step-- progress in my development but we'll see."

KL: "Your dad, Nate, is the Head Coach of the Pacers and you grew-up around basketball your entire life when he was in the NBA. What's that been like being able to compare notes now that you guys are both coaches now?"

JM: "Unbelievable experience. I wouldn't trade it for the world-- being able to compete against your dad at the highest level. I really appreciate him and everything he's taught me and finally beat him last year so feel good about that."

KL:"In your college days, you played at Arizona State with James Harden, who is now an absolute superstar in the NBA. What's that like to see him now and how was that like playing with him in college?"

JM: "He was who the coaching staff used to recruit me there at Arizona State. He was a good teammate. He was a guy that showed-up every day and played hard. I'm really proud of where that guy has gone in his career and what he's been able to do."

KL: "You're a self-proclaimed 'basketball junkie.' If you have any free time, do you have any interests outside of the realm of basketball?"

JM: "Absolutely. I'm always on the computer. I'm trying to teach myself coding, which I've done the last few years. I shop a lot."

KL: "Got a bad habit?"

JM: "Yeah."

KL "What's your weakness?"

JM: "Now it's suits. Look good, feel good, play good, perform well."

KL: "Final question-- what's your favorite type of pizza?"

JM: "I'm a really picky eater. I'm strictly a pepperoni guy."

KL: "Keep it simple."