Devour Power: Family-run DiCristina’s Restaurant will satisfy all your Italian cravings

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COVINGTON, La. -- If you find yourself on the North Shore and in the mood for home-cooked Italian food, you might consider trying DiCristina's Italian and Seafood Restaurant in Covington.

What can you expect when you sit down at DiCristina's?

"You're gonna get home cooking," explains Frank Pyburn. "It's a family run business, we don't have managers. Marie and I run the restaurant. We're always here. We serve a lot of comfort food, home cooked food. It's a good place."

One of their signature dishes is the soft-shell Emily over angel hair with a homemade creamy sauce and good quality, meaty soft shell crab.

"That's probably as southeast Louisiana as you're gonna get," Pyburn says.

Other popular dishes include the spaghetti and meatballs, stuffed bell pepper and the chicken Bordelaise.

From decadent cream sauce to dense, delicious red gravy, they've got it all at DiCristina's.

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