Facepalm: Food & Wine’s ‘Cajun’ red beans recipe sparks internet fury

NEW ORLEANS -- Adding Cajun seasoning to something does not a Cajun dish make.

Hopefully, the folks at Food & Wine got the message after it posted a video on how to make "Cajun" red beans and rice.

The recipe calls for "chicken andouille sausage links," onion, bell pepper, celery, garlic, Cajun seasoning oregano and red beans -- which they tell you to "partially mash."

Then (wait for it), they say you should add water, diced tomatoes, salt -- and scallions?

All of that takes less than 15 minutes to cook. Oh, boy!

Just like the Disney "gumbo" fiasco last year, Cajuns and Creoles rose up to challenge Food and Wine on just how badly they screwed this one up.

"If you can't pronounce the last names of the people commenting on this, you have no business saying you know anything about Cajuns or Cajun food," says Rachel Ann. "Also this is Creole in origin, but you weren't exactly on top of it to begin with."

"If you put tomatoes anywhere near my pot of red beans, we may come to fisticuffs...right after I dump this abomination down the sink," Danielle Tatum says.