Listen. Can you hear him? This 13-year-old is the Chicken Whisperer

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BAY ST. LOUIS, Ms. - The kid in the cowboy hat is having a crisis. It's a chicken crisis. His flock is flying the coop.

WGNO News with a Twist features guy Wild Bill Wood is there as the feathers are flying.

The kid in the cowboy is named Rio Cuevas. He is 13. He gets his flock of chickens back in the poultry pen before he gets them ready to travel again.

Cuevas and his chickens are headed to Mississippi's Hancock County Fair.

That's where Cuevas goes to bring home the blue ribbon for chickens. He's done just that every year for the last three years.

Cuevas has a technique.  He talks to his chickens. That makes Cuevas the Chicken Whisperer.

He knows how to get them to perform like stars.

And Cuevas keeps perfect records, which is part of the process of winning at the Hancock County Fair.

He's been taking guitar lessons for the last year. Just in case his chickens need a little nudge, he will play his guitar and sing to them.

The Chicken Whisperer is becoming the chicken singer.

Right now, Cuevas' stage is the front porch of his home.  But with his chickens listening, he's warming up to take them where he wants them.

And that is from the front porch all the way to first place.