TSA agents headed to Florida to help at airports

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WINDSOR LOCKS, CT — When there are natural disasters, we often hear of police and firefighters from other parts of the country rushing into affected areas to help their fellow officers in need.

However, there is another group that does the same thing too, and that’s TSA agents.

The volunteers are heading to Florida to help reopen airports and keep them functioning because many of their counterparts are simply not able to.

“I’m proud of it. I’m honored to be asked to go down to assist my fellow officers,” said TSA Agent John Wessig.

He is one of 15 TSA agents based out of Bradley International Airport who are making the trip from Connecticut into affected airports in Florida.

They are volunteering to go, and could be gone for 30 days, but they know with the devastation in many parts of Florida, their help is badly needed.

“Obviously they are in a situation where their houses are potentially destroyed so I would think the last thing on their mind is having to go do work,” Wessig said.

“They’re faced with water, wind damage they may be in a shelter themselves, not have access to clothing or uniforms so this is an opportunity for us to step up and assist them,” said TSA Agent Patrick Downes.

With bags packed and a with a sense of pride, the TSA agents go to help their own out of a sense of brotherhood and sisterhood, knowing they are there for each other.

“I’m confident 100 percent they would if we were faced with any type of natural disaster here, I’m sure they would be at our doorstep,” said TSA Agent Robert Rowe.

Between the hurricanes in Texas and Florida, the TSA has deployed about 1,000 agents from around the country to help out at affected airports.

In the meantime, the agents from Bradley have not headed out yet, due to weather, they are likely going to Fort Lauderdale, but they are ready to go as soon as they can make it safely to the area.


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