Saints superfans: Who are the men behind the masks? Meet Cyborg Saint

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NEW ORLEANS -- The regular season is finally here, and this year the Saints are predicted to be better than the 7-9 team we saw in 2016.

But the fan base is supportive even if the team is 0-16.

You've seen them on game day dressed as various characters and sitting in ridiculously expensive seats to cheer on the boys in black and gold, but did you know the Saints superfans have full time jobs outside of character?

For example, Cyborg Saint, AKA Ben Collier, owns popular Metarie burger joint, Ben's Burgers.

As the owner of a 24-hour restaurant he's constantly behind the counter, taking orders, flipping burgers or doing paperwork, but on game day he transforms in the silent, masked superfan who intimidates visiting fans with just one look.

Cyborg was born on Halloween night 2010, when Ben received tickets to the game and decided to go dressed up.

"As a kid I always dressed up and made my own costumes, so I cut my car's floormats in to pads, and created this black and gold superhero costume to wear to the game," said Ben. "I always said if I got season tickets, I would dress up for every game after that, and the next year I got them."

Now Cyborg's costume is made from various parts he orders online -- soccer shin guards, a Halloween mask hes painted black and gold, and a specially ordered wig.

"My family always says they can't believe I have the confidence to dress up and go to games like this, because I was always shy as a kid. But there's nothing else like it. You feel more apart of the game than you do if you are just wearing a regular jersey," he said.

He's a part of a krewe of superfans who dress up for every game and tailgate together.

"We go to the Superfan hall of fame in Ohio every summer and participate in a tailgate with all of the other superfans across the league," he said.

WGNO's Meghan Kluth will be profiling the superfans this season, so stay tuned to meet the men behind the masks.