Pokey sings ‘My Sidepiece’ Sunday at St. Tammany Crab Festival

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NEW ORLEANS -- "I left home ... to be with my sidepiece."

There's something about the hook from "My Sidepiece" that has people coming back for more.

Pokey, who sings the anthem, will be performing at 4:30 p.m. Sunday at the St. Tammany Crab Festival.

News with a Twist host LBJ sat down with Pokey in the Twist studio.

Here's their interview:

LBJ: So, of all the songs people want to hear when you are up on the stage, you got "They Call Me Pokey," the "Sidepiece," and the new one. What's the new one?

Pokey: The new album is called Bear Season. The first single off that is "I Can't Be Faithful."

LBJ: "I Can't Be Faithful." Of all the songs, what's the big one everyone wants to hear?

Pokey: Sidepiece. That's one of the.. that's one of the.. It's like a thorn in my heel.

LBJ: I left home to be with my sidepiece. You know, it kind of says the whole thing. Where'd that come from?

Pokey: Some friends of mine came up with the hook before I got the song. I helped them write it. Once I heard it, I fell in love with first day I heard it. I just went with it after that.

Here's the song in full:

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