Sewerage and Water Board to discuss pumping status

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NEW ORLEANS -- The Sewerage and Water Board are holding a special meeting Friday afternoon and the plan is to give an update on the city's power and pumping capabilities.

At last check, New Orleans was at 90 percent pumping capacity if the city's power was on.

Generators were set up at pumping stations as well as a backup and we all remember that sign: "I think I can, I think I can" that was put up on the outer fence of the pumping station on Broad and Melpomene Streets in response to the city's lack of pumping capacity there.

Thankfully, that pumping station and several others throughout the city were being monitored by outside contractors and sewerage and water board employees nonstop while the city braced itself for Harvey to come our way.

Harvey did not bring overwhelming flooding to the city of News Orleans, our thoughts and prayers remain with Texas and Southwest Louisiana as recovery efforts continue.

Friday afternoon's special meeting will likely appoint Paul Rainwater as the new Sewerage and Water Board executive director.

It's a move mayor Mitch Landrieu has commented in prior special meetings, needs to happen after an obvious lack of leadership and transparency took place during the august fifth flooding.