Would you eat it? LBJ’s Trash Dip

NEW ORLEANS - Let's see what Test Kitchen Taylor is cooking up today!

LBJ wanted his dip recipe put to the test, so he sent it to Test Kitchen Taylor! She loved it and so did the whole newsroom.

Do you have a dip recipe for us to try? Send it to us at twist@wgno.com!

Trash Dip
1/2 pound of ground meat
1 box of Velveeta
1 can of diced Rotel tomatoes
Your favorite tortilla chips
Sautee (cook) your ground meat loosely until done in skillet; only lightly season since your chips will probably have salt; put on the side
Place your Velveeta in pan until melted down
Add Rotel tomatoes, stir
Add ground meat and mix all ingredients
Serve with your favorite chips for dipping!