New Orleans sports fan writes letter to Utah to give us back the Jazz

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NEW ORLEANS – A local sports fan is trying to get the attention of the Utah Jazz.

In a letter written to the Utah Tribune and signed by Chris G., the Jazz fan said he wants the iconic team name returned to its proper city.

Here’s the letter that Chris G. wrote:

“I was born in New Orleans, a vibrant city with lots of history, culture and Jazz. I grew up knowing that we once had a basketball team that played here in the Superdome but it left in 1979 for various reasons and ended up in Utah. So it makes sense, that’s how they got the name. But do they know the word jazz is derived from getting Jazzed and chasing prostitutes? You see, Jazz comes from New Orleans and has a long history that spans over 150 years, none of which has any ties to Utah. Before World War One, there was a place called Storyville, which was the center of prostitution in New Orleans and it’s also the incubator of New Orleans jazz from legends such as Buddy Bolden and Louis Armstrong, arguably the greatest entertainer in history.

Just a few years ago, our NBA franchise owner renamed the New Orleans basketball franchise a name that is germane to the State of Louisiana, and we are now the New Orleans Pelicans, okay we deal with it. Most people from down the bayou would say its comme ci comme ca. Nevertheless, we named our team the Pelicans and gladly returned the name “Hornets” back to its original home of Charlotte. I’m sure they were jazzed to get the Hornets back and again, thank you Mr. Benson for restoring the name of an American sports franchise to the community where it belongs. I would like to challenge the owners of the Utah Jazz and the community of Salt Lake City to do the same.

Yes, BYU is here this week to play the LSU tigers. Yes, if you attend the game, chances are, you will walk by what remains of Storyville on your way to watch a college football. And In the process, I wanted to share the truth about the name you claim as your state-wide NBA franchise. Since it surely has nothing to do with your culture or history, can I ask one simple question? Can we have it back?”