Ever try mint chip whiskey? Rapper G-Eazy’s the co-creative director for Stillhouse Whiskey

NEW ORLEANS -- Rapper G-Eazy has ties to New Orleans because he's a graduate of Loyola University.  He threw a big party called "Gerald's SpeakEazy fueled by Stillhouse" at Republic NOLA to show off his new whiskey called Stillhouse.

News with a Twist Reporter Kenny Lopez got the VIP invite to his party and got to try his new whiskey!

When rapper G-Eazy comes back to his second home---New Orleans he throws a party, and this time he brought his new whiskey along.  He's the co-creative director for Stillhouse.

"I've always been a whiskey guy. I can relate to the brand, the aesthetic of it, the vision of everything around it.  I really wanted to be involved in something and live it and be a part of it," the rapper said.

G-Eazy teamed up with Brad Beckerman, CEO and creator of Stillhouse.  Beckerman said the collaboration with G-Eazy was smooth and easy like their whiskey.

"I met G-Eazy like nine months ago.  He really resonates with the brand.  You can't contrive authenticity and he's very authentic and genuine, exactly what Stillhouse is about," Beckerman said.

Beckerman describes the whiskey as "modern."

"It's easy to drink, and is 100 percent corn whiskey," he said. "It's super smooth and we infuse it with all natural flavors.  Our flavors are apple crisp, coconut, mint chip, and red hot.  This whiskey is all clear and all natural."

Another thing great about the whiskey is the stainless steel container it comes in.

"You can't break it.  It is unbreakable," Beckerman said as he tossed it to the ground.

Stillhouse Whiskey is distilled right outside of Nashville.

G-Eazy is releasing his new album, "The Beautiful & The Damned" later this Fall.