‘I think I can’ banner appears at Broad Street pumping station

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NEW ORLEANS – An enterprising prankster has captured the levity of the moment in true New Orleans style by placing a banner on the outer fence of the pumping station at Broad and Melpomene streets that reads “I think I can, I think I can.”

The blue banner, which appears to be fashioned out of a tarp similar to the ones handed out in great numbers by FEMA 12 years ago after Hurricane Katrina, has large words fashioned out of gray duct tape across it.

New Orleans, long known as “the city that care forgot,” has always been home to a resilient community of people eager to find humor in the face of potential devastation.

As south Louisiana braces for heavy rains spawned by Tropical Storm Harvey, this sign, and its placement on the outside of a pump station that was silent during widespread flooding on August 5, beautifully illustrates what every New Orleans resident is thinking today.