The eclipse and animals at the Global Wildlife Center

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FOLSOM, LA -- We were wondering if the eclipse might have an effect on the animals at the Global Wildlife Center in Folsom.  Yeah, we knew it was a long shot, but it was a great excuse to see the animals.

Because it was a hot day, many of the animals were either in the sun or in water holes on the 900 acre property.  But at about 1:30, when the eclipse was at it maximum point, the sun's rays didn't seem quite as intense.  Hard to know for sure, but we did see some animals that appeared to have venturing out from their shaded areas.

Also, workers at the center say that some of their kangaroos can be nocturnal.  So we thought that perhaps a little bit of mid-day eclipse action might get them moving a little more.  It didn't.

But what did get the animals moving was our truck, which is generally used to feed the animals.  And that's what they thought we were there to do.  So while we were a little disappointed that we didn't see any unusual behavior in the animals, they were a lot disappointed that we didn't show up with food.

To see some video of our tour, click on the video button above!

And we want to say thank you to everyone at Global Wildlife for allowing us to come out and have some eclipse fun.

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