Community encouraged to utilize flood recovery center as city leaders detail next steps

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NEW ORLEANS -- A flood recovery center is now open for the public to take advantage of if they were effected from recent flooding. A national flood insurance program specialist will be available to answer questions and several community organizations are also on site Friday, at the Corpus Christi Community Resource Center.

The New Orleans city council meantime, is addressing flooding concerns step by step, starting with the city's 65,000 catch basins and how to clear them.

City leaders are requesting $22 million to fund the catch basin maintenance project and are asking residents to call 3-1-1 to help them identify catch basins within the city that need clearing.

Additionally, the council approved budget ordinances totaling more than $11 million to help with operating costs, which include drainage repairs, underpass warning systems, emergency protective measures and a root cause and analysis report, after the council declared an official state of emergency.

The flood recovery center is open Friday and Saturday from 10am-2pm.