Active tropics to watch over the weekend

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The tropics have really heated up in the Atlantic this week, and that is going to mean a couple of system to watch through the weekend. Both of these systems are still well away from the U.S., and we are not concerned at the moment with either. However at least of them is worth watching going forward, and they certainly indicate the need to be prepared as we approach the peak of the hurricane season on September 10.

The first item is Tropical Storm Harvey. The latest forecast from the National Hurricane Center is shown below. This storm will continue to stay to the south as it moves to the west over the next few days. However once it reaches central America and the Yucatan Peninsula a turn to the north is possible. While we are not expecting this to move to the northern Gulf of Mexico, a storm that moves back over open water in the Bay of Campeche will be possible.

The next item to keep an eye on will be a tropical wave currently located northeast of Harvey. That area currently has a high chance of development as it moves towards the Bahamas over the next several days. Typically storms following this path curve to the north or move up the east coast. However that is not a guarantee. While not expecting this to make it to the northern Gulf, it is something that is going to be worth watching going through next week.

A potential third system should stay well out to sea and not be an issue.

Again, no immediate threat to the northern Gulf. However once again an indication that you need to be prepared should a storm move this way.