Here’s what you need to know about safely viewing Monday’s solar eclipse

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NEW ORLEANS -- There's a lot of talk about Monday's solar eclipse, and even if you aren't that excited, you might be tempted to look up when it starts.

You need serious protection for your eyes to view the eclipse, for both you and your camera lens -- even if it's your cell phone camera.

Our teaching doctor, Dr. Rachel, offers the following advice for viewing the solar eclipse:

  • Wear specialized, solar eclipse glasses, and make sure they say ISO and look to make sure it is 12312-2.
  • Even with your glasses on, don't continuously stare at the sun during the eclipse. Take breaks.
  • Don't take your glasses off before looking down away from the sun.
  • If you are using a camera -- even a cell phone camera -- you must have a special filter for the lens, in addition to wearing the glasses.

Watch the video above for more tips.