Epic kickball wipeout caught on video

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NEW ORLEANS – Adult kickball can be a hazardous activity.

Restaurant owner James Clesi recovered well after experiencing an epic kick and a miss during a Kickball of the Crescent City league game at St. Patrick Playground on August 13.

Clesi, who was up to kick for his team Cobra Kai, nearly kicked himself in the face when he completely missed the kickball.

Clesi’s momentum propelled him into the air, and he landed on his face in the dirt.

After lying there for a few seconds, Clesi pulled himself to his feet and tossed two handfuls of dirt in the air in a gesture of defeat.

Cobra Kai went on to lose the game against the Maulers, but Clesi has no hard feelings from his epic flop.

He’s used to bouncing back.

On August 5, Clesi’s Restaurant and Catering on Banks Street was inundated with several feet of floodwater.

The flooding may have knocked the restaurant to it knees, but Clesi said he was able to get things up and running again within a week.

“We bounced back with a vengeance,” he said. “We are planning on being around for a long time.”

Thanks to a video shot by Chris Biernat, Clesi’s epic whiff will stick around as well.

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