Police make arrest in scanner skipping shop lifting case

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THIBODAUX, LA — Thibodaux police say they’ve arrested a man who tried to steal dozens of items from a store by failing to scan them at a self-checkout station.

Photo of suspect Alcide Baudoin, Jr., provided by Thibodaux Police Department

According to police, on Friday, August 4, at about 6:30 in the evening, Alcide Baudoin, Jr., of Des Allemands allowed 37 items to either remain in his shopping basket or to pass over the scanner without reading their bar codes.

Then they say he, ‘…ran someone out of the way,’ to avoid the store worker at the exit who was assigned to make sure merchandise matched receipts.

Thibodaux police say it’s a common practice called ‘skip skanning’ with thieves trying to blend in with regular customers.  The self-checkout stations present a prime opportunity for criminals to get something for nothing.

In this case, police say Baudoin was stopped shortly after leaving the store.  At last word, he was booked with a theft charge and remained in jail on a $500 bond.

Police did not identify the store involved but say it’s located in the 400 block of North Canal Boulevard.