It’s a crawfish boil- in a box!

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NEW ORLEANS — No water needed– not even a pot.

Walmart is advertising a complete crawfish boil– spices, red potatoes, chopped corn, smoked sausage and of course the crawfish–  in a box!

“Sam’s Choice 2 Pound Crawfish Boil” is described as a “Louisiana summer favorite.. full flavor and none of the hassle!”

According to the instructions, the secret is inside the box:  “a quick and easy, parchment ‘Oven Steamer Bag’ for guaranteed cooking perfection.”

Turns out, the bag with all the ingredients is frozen.  Simply put the unopened bag on a baking sheet in a 350 degree oven for about 40 minutes, and voila!  The frozen crawfish and fixins heat up in the bag, making a crawfish-sort of boil,  that serves four.

Last we checked,  only a few boxes were left for sale on Walmart’s website, for “in-store purchase only,” which makes sense, considering how much it would cost to ship frozen crawfish across the country.

And the price?  Well, given that local seafood vendors may sell freshly-boiled crawfish for several dollars per pound, the “boil in a box,” for just $12.96, is a steal.