Twist’s Curt Sprang and Susan Roesgen solve Michigan’s ‘crayfish’ problem

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NEW ORLEANS – To our friends in Michigan, it’s an “invasive species.”  To us, it’s dinner!

As reported by Detroit television station, WXYZ, the Michigan Department of Natural Resources is so worried about “invasive red swamp crayfish” — from Louisiana–  that the state has sent an alert to residents to be on the lookout.

So far, the crayfish– or crawfish as we call them– have been spotted in at least two locations, a lake and a retention pond.

“They dig deep burrows near lakes and rivers,” says Michigan conservationist Nick Popoff, “and can spread quickly over land.”  The concern is that those “burrows” can weaken the natural environment and man-made property.

The Michigan Department of Natural Resources is setting traps and nets to try to catch our Louisiana runaways, but hasn’t said what the state plans to do with them once they corral them.

News With a Twist Hosts Curt Sprang and Susan Roesgen have the obvious solution:

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