Babysitting Big Sister Beauty Queen on the road to Miss Teen USA

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LACOMBE, La -  As an eighteen-year-old big sister, Hailey Crausby has a big job.

She's babysitting, sorry that's brother sitting her brothers.  There's Drew. He's nine. And there's Luke. And he's seven.

WGNO News with a Twist features guy Wild Bill Wood says one of these three siblings has a future that's filled with beauty.

And that's Hailey Crausby.

She's Miss Louisiana Teen USA.  And she's headed to the national pageant.  That's the Miss Teen USA Pageant in Phoenix at the end of July.

Hailey just graduated from Slidell High School. She's got good grades. In fact, she made only a few B's in her entire time in school.

She'll head to college to study to be a neonatal nurse practitioner.  She's already a certified nursing assistant. She works at Chuck E. Cheese's Pizza as the birthday party planner.

Hailey never had an interest in getting into the pageant business.  It's just that people were constantly coming up to her and asking her, "are you a model? Are you a beauty queen? Are you one of the Kardashians?"

It was Hailey's mom, Melissa, who finally said, maybe you should try this pageant stuff.

Hailey agreed because she knew pageant winners got scholarships for education.

She entered the first time in the Miss Louisiana Teen USA contest and she came in the top ten.

She entered again.  And she won.

When Hailey Crausby competes in the national contest, her mom, her dad and of course Drew and Luke will be there.

They'll be in the audience holding up signs with the letters that spell out Louisiana.  The letters light up.  Just like Hailey Crausby lights up the world.

You can watch the Miss Teen USA contest, just click right here.

You can watch it on Facebook, just click here.

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