What are your dreams for our city? Write yours on the ‘New Orleans Dream Wall’

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NEW ORLEANS-- A wall has gone up in Central City, not a wall to keep people out, this wall is to invite people in.  WGNO's Kenny Lopez shows you an interactive art piece called the "New Orleans Dream Wall."

Jeremy and Shannon Mangerchine dream of a safer, more united New Orleans.

"I'm a firm believer that if you take your passions, look at yourself, discover things that make you feel alive and thrive, you dive into those things, and do them, and that's what this dream wall is all about," Jeremy Mangerchine said.

Jeremy's passion for art lead to the creation of this art piece known as the "New Orleans Dream Wall."  He made it along with his friend, Jay.

"As you see here, the mural takes up one third of the wall, and than two thirds of the wall will have chalk board paint.  We will have chalk, so we invite you to come and to write on this wall.  We really want to see what people think," he said.

The "New Orleans Dream Wall" is in Central City on the corner of Simon Bolivar Ave. and Terpsicore.  This part of our city has been plagued with troubles in the past, so Jeremy & Shannon are hoping to make a difference with this wall.

Shannon said she cares about the community in which she lives and dreams of doing something to help her neighbors accomplish their dreams.

"We want this wall to create a dialogue, a place where people can talk about their dreams, start thinking about the problems we have in our area, and start thinking of solutions," she said.

This husband and wife pair believe that adding a beautiful art piece to the neighborhood will bring some positivity to Central City which suffers from abandoned lots.

"We are focused on creating community.  I have a heart to see people connect with each other, " she said.

They believe that creating conversations will create connection which can make a real difference.

"I hope it helps people dream, so many great things can come out of that desire to do something," Jeremy said.

Jeremy and Shannon started Bastion Ministries which provides many service-related projects to our community.

For more information about the "New Orleans Dream Wall," follow them on Instagram @neworleansdreamwall

The wall is expected to be completely finished in the next few weeks.