NOLA Craft Beer Experience: Port Orleans

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NEW ORLEANS - Alongside the Port of New Orleans on Tchoupitoulas, Port Orleans is already making its mark on the taste buds of beer lovers in the city.

Kicking things off with three beers available year round, the recently opened brewery has plenty of opportunity to grow, according to Brian Allen, president and brewmaster of Port Orleans:

“The tasting room has 16 taps, so we got 13 more beers to play with," he says. "This space is going to be kind of be an incubator; we’re going to play with around and see what works, see what resonates and then scale up for production.”

That production is making its way into dozens of bars across the city. But it’s here at Port Orleans where the magic really happens and the brewers can find their muse.

“You can kind of be a mad scientist and play around with things and take inspiration from last week’s BBQ, where you’re at a friend’s house and they had a flavor combination you hadn’t thought of or something comes up in a book or a movie or a song," Allen said. "Inspiration kind of comes from everywhere.”

The inspiration doesn’t stop at the beer. Port Orleans has a kitchen that offers food to pair with every brew, and just like the taps, it changes to match the available beer selection.

Whether you’re looking for a quick beer to go, a bite to eat or a relaxing evening out, Port Orleans on Tchoupitoulas near Napoleon has exactly what you need.

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Port Orleans Brewing Company is located at 4124 Tchoupitoulas St. in New Orleans and is open everyday except Tuesday from 11 a.m. to 11 p.m. For more information on the restaurant including events and new brews, call (504) 266-2332 or check out their website for a listing of events and offers.