New Orleans City Council mulls suing oil and gas companies over coastal restoration

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NEW ORLEANS -- Coastal restoration was at the height of the discussion Thursday morning as New Orleans City Council President Jason Williams is asking the mayor to support litigation against oil and gas companies, but it's a proposal that's not sitting well with everyone.

The City Council has the final say, but those in opposition argue saving the coast should be a collaborative effort with oil and gas companies.

Grow Louisiana Coalition executive director Marc Ehrhardt says filing this lawsuit could severely damage the city's economy.

Ehrhardt says nearly 300,000 Louisianians work in and alongside the state's oil and natural gas industry each day, which is nearly the equivalent workforce of the entire U.S. Navy.

Still, those in favor of the resolution argue restoring our coast is a responsibility that lies directly with oil and gas companies, in the ongoing effort to repair both past and current damage.

Meanwhile, the Southeast Louisiana Flood Protection Authority is asking the Supreme Court to review their lawsuit that was initially rejected in 2013.

According to the flood board, drilling and dredging contributed to the loss of wetlands.

The oil industry responded, filing a petition Tuesday, saying the suit should not have moved to the Federal Court from the State Court, where it was initially filed.

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