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‘Left Handed for a Year’: Local artist unveils 365 days of drawing with his ‘other’ hand

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NEW ORLEANS -- New Orleans artist Brent Houzenga has just completed a one-year project of drawing every day with his left hand.

This weekend, all 365 drawings will be on display at TEN Gallery on Magazine Street. The exhibit opens Saturday.

"It’s been really interesting because I had been doing some little playful things with my left hand, and this was a project to take it to the next level and really use my left hand," Houzenga says.

The exhibit, "Left Handed For A Year," has roots in psychology and tapping into the unconscious, according to an event announcement on the art gallery's Facebook page. It is also inspired by neuroscience and brain research.

Houzenga says it was really hard in the beginning.

"I had to struggle to make the right lines … throughout the process it’s become a lot easier, and I’ve become a lot more ambidextrous," he says. "The response has been great.

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