Waiter at Antoine’s celebrates 50 years at iconic restaurant

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NEW ORLEANS - Sixty-six-year-old Sterling Constant has been serving guests at Antoine's in the French Quarter for the past 50 years.

On Sunday, Antoine's threw a 50th anniversary celebration for the popular waiter.  News with a Twist Reporter Kenny Lopez took a trip down memory lane with Sterling.

Constant started his career in the kitchen when he was just 16, eventually becoming a waiter.

"The menu was entirely in French. We had to explain to customers what it meant.  When I came here, I never knew French," he said.

In his 50 year tenure, he's had the opportunity to wait on such guests as Bob Hope, Tommy Lee Jones, Kevin Costner, and Whoopi Goldberg.

"I was in the movie, JFK in a scene at this restaurant.  I've also met Whoopi Goldberg.  When she came to town, she was super nice.  She went into the kitchen, signed autographs, and was so nice to the cooks and everyone.  I thought that was just fantastic that she wanted to meet everyone in the kitchen," he said.

When asked how much longer he'd be a waiter at Antoine's before retiring, Constant said, "As long as I'm still healthy, I will continue to work."

Constant said the biggest tip he's ever received over the years was $2,000.

For a man, who's been rewarded with tips all his life, it's only fitting he has a tip for all of us.

"Take care of the people that come through the door.  Honor them, respect them, and give them the proper service, and they'll always take care of you," Constant enthusiastically said.

Many family and friends from near and far came to Sterling's 50th celebration.