The story of how the chandelier Frank Sinatra hit with a golf club ended up in Louisiana

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METAIRIE, La. -- Now here's a story that makes you go, who would've thought?

There's a bar here in Metairie with a strong connection to Frank Sinatra. News with a Twist Reporter Kenny Lopez takes us to The Max to find out that Sinatra connection.

It was the early 1960s, and Old Blue Eyes Frank Sinatra was filming "Ocean's 11" in Las Vegas at the Sahara Hotel & Casino.  One of these beautiful chandeliers became a major conversation piece after Sinatra left his mark on one of them.

"Sinatra had been playing golf during the filming of 'Oceans 11' and he was goofing off in the Sahara casino and threw the golf club into one of the chandeliers," David Cook, co-owner of The Max, said.  He co-owns the bar with Bridget Haydel.

The golf club didn't shatter any of the chandelier's crystals, but it did leave a dent.   The chandelier had 766 crystals in total.   Fast forward to 2011 when the Sahara was closing, and everything was going up for auction, including the famous Sinatra chandelier.  That's when the story got its Louisiana connection.

"A very good friend of ours, Alan Jaeger, who owns Jaeger's Seafood & Oyster House in Metairie, was in LasVegas and bid on the chandeliers.  He wasn't supposed to get the Sinatra chandelier, but when he went to go pick up the chandelier, they were packing up the Sinatra chandelier.  He then negotiated with the Sahara owners and got the Sinatra chandelier,"  Cook said.

Years later, Cook saw the Sinatra chandelier in his friend Alan's garage and he asked him about it because he wanted it for The Max.

"Soon, an electrician came and started hanging the Sinatra chandelier, and Jaeger gave it to us,"  he said.

And now the Sinatra chandelier's been hanging at The Max ever since.

Cook put a golf club hanging next to the chandelier to pay tribute to Sinatra's episode.

"You'd never know that by looking at the outside of the building that this chandelier would be inside, so it's pretty neat," he said.

Cook also mentioned that he actually met Sinatra back in 1987 at Tony Angelo's Restaurant, which is now closed.  Cook was working there at the time, and he proudly remembers serving Sinatra water.

If you'd like to check out the chandelier, The Max is located at 2401 North Woodlawn Avenue in Metairie, and it's open 24 hours.  You can also watch the Rat Pack, 1960's Vegas swing era band, "The Yat Pack" perform there.   For more information, click HERE.