Victim becomes suspect in ‘robbery’ at Lakeside Mall

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METAIRIE, La. —  It sounded frightening — because it could happen to anyone: a teenager, attacked by a group of robbers in the parking garage at Lakeside Mall.

Now, the Jefferson Parish Sheriff’s Office says it didn’t happen at all.

Sheriff Newell Normand has announced the arrest of Jacoby Davis, 17, on misdemeanor charges of filing a false crime report and “gambling in public. ”

Davis, of Laplace, initially told deputies that he was robbed by several men as he walked through the garage on July 1st.  He said he handed over his cash and watched the men get into a red Dodge Charger, with a woman at the wheel.

Deputies say Davis told them that he followed the car to Athania Parkway and Veterans Boulevard, where he said one of the men got out and started shooting at him.  Deputies noted some bullet holes in Davis’ car, but from there, they say his story unraveled.

According to the Sheriff’s Office, Davis changed his story as they questioned him. He allegedly told deputies that he had encountered a group of suspects inside the parking garage playing a betting game — and that they forced him to join them.

In subsequent interviews, Davis allegedly stuck to his story of being forced to play a gambling game and being forced to give the “robbers” some cash.

Ultimately, Davis stopped answering questions and became the suspect in a case of filing a false report and possibly gambling.  Deputies said they found no witnesses to corroborate any of Davis’ story.