Who cares about the money? The Candy Bank shows you the sugar!

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MANDEVILLE, La - Sweet success does not always mean having lots of money.

Even if your business is a successful bank.

WGNO News with a Twist features guy Wild Bill Wood hopes he's not overdrawn at The Candy Bank.

It's located at 201 Carroll Street, Mandeville, Louisiana 70448.

And it's located in what used to be the St. Tammany Bank Building.

Now it's simply Louisiana's sweetest sweet shop.

Lisa Kieffer is owner and head teller at The Candy Bank.

Lisa knows her bank's shelves are stocked with more candy than most people have ever seen.

The bank was born here in 1906. And now, more than a century later, the address was available.

So it's a sugarcoated kind of theme park.

Wild Bill wonders and asks Lisa Kieffer, "do you think the world needs more cavities?"

Maybe Lisa Kieffer is married to a dentist!

Actually, neither.

Lisa is married to a lawyer.

The reason for The Candy Bank is nostalgia.  Lisa knows candy reminds grown ups of when they were kids.  The memories are sweet and usually happy.

And that's the feeling she wants everybody to have when they come in The Candy Bank.  That's what they take home when they make a sweet withdrawal from this sugar-covered bank.

As for Lisa, the memory comes from a Tootsie Roll.

She says, "my aunt used to always bring a Tootsie Roll to me and then we'd sit and watch Bewitched"

The Candy Bank is much more than a store full of M&M's.  This place has the kind of candy menu from the museum of your memories.



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