Independent artists rule at the Essence of Soul Fest

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Casme will perform at the Essence of Soul Fest

You may have seen Casme (pronounced KAZ-may) performing around New Orleans.

Or, you may recognize her from her appearance in the PJ Morton video for “Claustrophobic.”

You may have even danced to her song “The NOLA Step,” or attended one of the events for her foundation “Casme Cares.”

Like many independent artists, Casme is busy as a singer/songwriter/producer/promoter/fill-in-the-blank. And her hard work will pay off this weekend for her, independent artists, and her community.

For four months, Casme's been working on the the Essence of the Soul Fest is Saturday, July 1, at the Carver Theater, 2 p.m.-9 p.m. It will be a showcase for independent artists who don't always get a chance for their music to be heard.

"I know a lot of amazing, talented artists who just don't have the platform," says Casme. "We see celebrities all the time on TV and concerts around the city. But, what about us? There are very few in between open mics and karaoke nights. But, we have music that we've written, that we want the world."

Casme will be one of the artists performing at the Essence of the Soul Fest, along with Earnest Pugh, Briana Babineaux, Keyondra Lockett, Greg Banks, and more. She says the festival will start with indie soul and move to Christian soul in the evening. And the goal is "send a message that music can heal, inspire, uplift and unite people of all walks of life."

For more information and to buy tickets, go to or Casme's website.

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