Riding a roller coaster blind at City Park

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New Orleans -- City Park Carousel Gardens had a special visit today with Camp Lighthouse Louisiana.

Earlier last month, Lighthouse had the opportunity to conduct sensitivity training sessions with the City Park amusement park operators to educate them on the best practices for assisting their patrons with vision impairment.

"All of our ride operators went through an immersion experience," Waymon Morris with City Park Carousel Gardens said. "They went through a little bit of classroom training. Then actually got hands on. They were able to experience a lifestyle of someone with visual impairment."

Being on a ride on a roller coaster and not being able to see is a completely different experience. Not knowing where the next turn or drop is can leave you with surprises.

City Park Carousel Gardens wanted to make sure that everyone who comes to their amusement park is well taken care of and are having fun with everyone else who attends.