A mini Alec Baldwin? 11-year old kid impersonates President Donald Trump

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NEW ORLEANS -- By now, you've probably seen the actor Alec Baldwin impersonating President Donald Trump on Saturday Night Live.   A lot of people say Baldwin's impersonation is spot-on.  Well, there's an 11-year old New Orleans kid who is pretty good, too.

News with a Twist Reporter Kenny Lopez met this kid, who goes to Lusher Charter School and performs at The New Movement Theater.  

11-year old Nicolas Cooker likes to impersonate the 45th President Donald Trump.  He started doing impressions for his friends at school after watching the presidential debates.

"I started about a year ago and thought it was funny that this guy was running for president.  I took it upon myself to do impressions of him because it was fun to do," he said.

At the suggestion of his friend, he took his presidential spoofing to The New Movement Theater, where he was part of their "Comedy Uprising-Late Afternoon" kids comedy series shows.   He also performed at Bayou Boogaloo Festival -- and crowds loved him.

He said he loves Alec Baldwin's hilarious impersonation of Trump.

"I actually watch him and study what he does to help me," he said.

Cooker said he's grateful that President Trump continues to give him good comedic material to write about and perform.

"I would tell President Trump to please keep on doing unusual things, so that I can continue to do funny impressions of you," he said.

Watch below for a full skit that Nicolas Cooker performed for WGNO-TV.

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