We’d treat each other better if we would just Give a Damn!

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METAIRIE, LA -- The shooting that injured Congressman Steve Scalise has a lot of people talking about the way we treat one another.  One New Orleans man is hoping his book can help lead the discussion.

"What I'm doing is a call to action," author Mark Lewis told WGNO's News With a Twist.  "I want people to join my Give a Damn revolution."

Lewis has written a book that makes his goal obvious.  It's called Give a Damn! and it includes many of his personal experiences.

From littering to grocery carts and fast food orders, Lewis makes it pretty clear that we would all benefit if everyone cared more about their own behavior and actions and how they affect others.

"People, I think, generally know what's right. They do the wrong thing because they can justify it in their mind as being right," he said.

Lewis' book is available online and on Amazon.  There's also a Kindle version.  He hopes people will read it and share their examples of moments when they did the right thing.  If you have a good example, you're invited to leave a post on the book's Facebook page.

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