Pup News: Meet Anna

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This is Anna soon after she was rescued. She is doing so much better now and is looking for a good home.

Anna is a sweet, 30 pound pit mix who was found in the Bywater.  She is about a year old.

Anna has come a long way from when she was first rescued.  She has now put on some weight and has been doing so well!  She was found severely emaciated and sunburned and running loose dragging a chain and tie out stake behind her.  She's very sweet, but it looks like she had been abandoned or neglected for weeks before breaking free.  The chain wasn't tangled, and she was desperately gobbling up any crumbs in the road.  She was afraid at first, but after being offered some food, all she wanted to do was crawl all over and lick her rescuers.  ARNO's best guess is that she was left abandoned in a yard for two weeks to a month, either because the owner was somehow incapacitated or chose to leave her there.  We've had some rain, so she could have gotten water to drink that way.  She was thinner than any animal they have ever seen.  Every bone and tendon was visible.

At the vet's office, Anna sat in the lap of her rescuer and was friendly to all of the male and female staff.  She was also sweet to a large aggressive dog.  She has not shown any reactions to cats so far, but has been only minimally exposed.

Anna seems to be potty trained, leash trained, and to know how to sit and lay down.  She does not bark or cry in the kennel.  She's been socialized very well.  ARNO is confused as to how someone could have loved her enough to teach her these manners, but still leave her to starve on a chain.


For more info on adoption Anna, please email adopt@animalrescuenewprleans.org.  The adoption fee is $200 and includes spay, shots and a chip!

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Click here for more information about ARNO (Animal Rescue New Orleans).

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