Would you eat it: Tie Burger!

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NEW ORLEANS - Let's see what Test Kitchen Taylor is cooking up today!

A twist on the traditional tie gift for Father's Day, how about a tie burger? Today, Test Kitchen Taylor gave LBJ just that!

Burger Tie
¼ of lean ground beef
Mayo, lettuce, tomato
Mustard, cheese, ketchup for garnish

Measure a hoagie roll on a piece of parchment. This is how long your burger tie will be.
Lay some ground beef on there.
Shape the sides of the burger. Be especially careful to make a good point.
Make a knot out of more ground beef.
Use the parchment to flop your tie burger onto an oiled and preheated griddle or super-giant frying pan.
Cook like a regular burger.
Arrange some strips of cheese at a 45-degree angle to make stripes.
Add ketchup pinstripes.
Then add mustard pinstripes.