Costumes & dancing make ‘Mamma Mia: The Musical’ sparkle

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NEW ORLEANS -- The hit Broadway musical, Mamma Mia is now playing at The Saenger Theatre.  The show features hit songs from the Swedish band ABBA.  You know "Dancing Queen," right?

Today, News with a Twist Reporter Kenny Lopez learned about the show's costumes and how to become a "dancing king!"

Catherine Lovejoy, wardrobe supervisor for "Mamma Mia" said, "My job is all about making sure that everyone has just what they need.  I make sure they have their costumes so they can be the fabulous people they are."

The costumes are inspired by ABBA music and are super flashy with bright colors and lots of bling.

"There really are two looks, for the bachelorette scenes and the wedding scenes, so the looks coincide with those scenes," she said.

Lovejoy got her degree in psychology, but fell into fashion.

"I just love clothes," she said.

Betsy Padamonsky plays "Donna" in "Mamma Mia."

"The really infectious music of ABBA and the fun story are what everyone can relate to," she said.

"Super Trooper and "SOS" are her two favorite songs from the show.

"When I was a kid I loved ABBA.  ABBA Gold was my first CD. It feels like a dream to be part of this show.  When I was a little girl I used to always sing ABBA songs in my basement."

So what does she think of the elaborate costumes?

"We aren't allowed to sit down in our jumpsuits.  We can't bend over.  Once we put them on, they are on.  My biggest fear is falling because we'd be like turtles on our backs, and we won't be able to get up," Padamonsky said.

One of the things she loves most about the show is the fact that it pleases so many families, and being on the tour is such a family atmosphere for her.

"We are a big family. We know everything about each other.  We all really do take care of each other.  It's weird because I've kind of adopted the mom role offstage too," she said.

This is your last chance to see "Mamma Mia: The Musical" because it's the farewell tour.

"It's nice to go out on a high note, still packing houses, going out on a big note.  I just love being part of this show, meeting the fans, and living the dream I dreamt when I was a little girl," Padamonsky said.

This "dancing queen" even taught our Reporter Kenny Lopez the actual dance moves they do on-stage to the hit ABBA song, "Dancing Queen."

"Mamma Mia" is now showing at The Saenger Theatre through Sunday, June 11th.  For tickets, click HERE.







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