Flow Tribe member carjacked at gunpoint, two trumpets stolen

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NEW ORLEANS -- A member of Flow Tribe was carjacked at gunpoint last night, and two of his trumpets were stolen.

Singer and trumpeter K.C. O'Rorke had just finished performing at a benefit concert at Tipitina's. He went to his girlfriend's house in Broadmoor, where suspects got out of a tan vehicle, pulled a gun on O'Rorke and his girlfriend, then took off with his vehicle. The trumpets were inside.

News of the armed robbery spread quickly in the community and prompted a fan-turned-friend to start a GoFundMe page so O'Rorke can replace his two trumpets:

Like most musical instruments (maybe not a triangle), trumpets are expensive and to have to replace TWO of them unexpectedly has got to be less than fun.  

All funds raised will go directly to the band. If we pass the goal, those funds will also go to them which they can use on whatever they'd like - probably travel expenses to come to a town near you this summer.  

Alright people. Let's dig deep and make it happen - for the love of music. For the love of Flow Tribe. xo

Watch the video above to see Flow Tribe perform on the News with a Twist stage.

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