Saints Wrap-up Second Week of OTAs

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Metairie, La.-- Sean Payton and some of the Saints' coaching staff were absent from Thursday's OTAs because they were attending the celebration of life service for Cortez Kennedy. But the team continued their off-season workouts, taking things indoors as they wrapped-up their second week of OTAs. Installs continue as the new guys are working to get up to speed.

"I think we went out and got the right type of guys as far as character, toughness, intelligence," said Saints quarterback Drew Brees, "guys that want to learn, want to compete. I like what I've seen thus far."

Adrian Peterson continues to be a focal-point of the offense, and has already impressed his new teammates.

"He is a stud," Brees said. "There is something about handing the ball off to that guy and watching him run through the hole and take on anybody who tries to tackle him."

"Hall of Famer," said Saints offensive tackle Terron Armstead. "It was crazy to see him the first day, me being a fan of him for so long and now blocking for him is humbling experience."

Questions still remain on the offensive line and at center with Max Unger out, but it's another part that gets better each workout.

"Anytime you have new guys in there or the guys that have not been around that much," Brees said, "there is a learning curve. But I think we've made a ton of progress the last two weeks."

Wide receiver Lance Moore was also on-hand, and spoke to the media about retiring as a Saint-- happy to be on the sidelines now and onto the next phase of his life.

"Maybe the first day-- like Tuesday," Moore said. "But by today I'm like, nah, I'm good. I'm going to let these young guys do it. I feel like it's the proper ending for sure."

"One of my most favorite teammates that I've ever played with," Brees said. "Lance was such a professional; such a pro. There were things that he could do better than anyone I've ever played with, or ever seen for that matter, and it was because he worked at it."

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