Covington Mayor thinks he knows what ‘covfefe’ means

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COVINGTON – A local politician believes he has cracked the riddle, wrapped in a mystery, inside an enigma that is “covfefe.”

The Twitterverse has offered up any number of theories as to what exactly President Donald Trump meant when he sent out a midnight tweet that ended abruptly with the word “covfefe.”

Trump himself joined in on the mystery, firing off this tweet after the original “covfefe” message was deleted:

Covington Mayor Mike Cooper thinks he knows exactly what Trump meant.

“I think it’s quite clear what the president was trying to say, and he clearly just got interrupted by more pressing work,” Cooper said. “CovFeFe is quite clearly a condensed version of ‘Covington Feels Festive,’ and I’m sure our commander-in-chief was simply expressing his admiration for our great city. Our reputation is far and wide, after all. We’re known for natural beauty, a diverse economy, friendly people, and cultural arts. We’re known for being fun and, well, festive.”

Cooper may have come up with the most plausible answer thus far, and he’s very glad that his town has been given such a high-profile mention.

“I sincerely thank President Trump for this clever shout-out to St. Tammany’s Parish Seat,” Cooper said.