NOLA Craft Beer Experience: Gnarly Barley!

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Craft beer, some would say, is like your fingerprint: as different and unique as the individual that brews it. For the folks here at Gnarly Barley Brewing Company, this warehouse brewery actually all started at home according to Zachary Caramonta, founder and owner of Gnarly Barley:

“That’s what we live for, because we’re home brewers at heart. We live for making beers, for coming up with new recipes, things like that and we just try to stay at the forefront of brewing technology.”

And that drive and innovation has led to some pretty amazing beers, including Jucifer, the brewery’s newest selection. We were fortunate enough to see this particular beer brewing on our visit and while it wasn’t ready for us quite yet, Gnarly Barely has a beer for any palate… once you find your taste.

But getting to that point can take a while. Brewing a new beer is like a chef in the kitchen with a new dish: sometimes something is a little bit off the first time around, so you tweak the recipe to get it just right and for a brewmaster, that might mean starting the weeks long brewing process over from scratch.

And that innovation is part of their success. Gnarly Barley just celebrated their third birthday and they hope to keep building and brewing for many more to come.

WGNO is proud to offer the NOLA Craft Beer Experience Card, a card that allows you to sample some of the region's best craft beers for an affordable price. For $60 you'll get the equivalent of 40 oz of beer from each of the 10 locations involved. Click below for more details.

At Gnarly Barley, you'll receive two flights of beers.  A flight is a paddle that holds 5 different 5 oz pours which allows you to sample their selection and find the perfect beer for you.

Gnarly Barley is located at 1709 Corbin Road in Hammond. The brewery is open from Noon-5 p.m. on Saturdays and a free tour is offered at 1p.m. For more information on the brewery and events, call (985) 318-0723 or head on over to

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